Did you know that Umeå was the European capital of culture in 2014?  A few years later the city with it’s surroundings still offers a lot of interesting exhibitions, literature-  and music festivals and opera performances.

1) Bildmuseet
Centre for contemporary art and other forms of visual expressions in a highly attractive building on the shores of the Umeälven river. Free entrance. www.umu.bildmuseet.se

2) Guitars – The museum
Step into the guitar heaven!  A world-unique collection of electric guitars, electric basses and other rock’n’ roll stuff from the 1950s onwards. www.guitarsthemuseum.com

3) Västerbottens museum
Västerbottens museum is a regional museum for our area of the north of Sweden.  Learn more about our cultural heritages from Västerbotten through exhibitions and various programs.  Don’t miss the open-air museum of Gammlia with old buildings from the 19 th century or the annual sami week. Free entrance. www.vbm.se

4) Umedalens skulpturpark
One of the northern Europe’s foremost collections of sculptures just nearby.  Open all year round. Free entrance. www.umedalenskulptur.se

5) The Museum of Women´s History
Inside the cultural center Väven in central Umeå you will find 700 square metres of gender and power, identity and history. Free entrance. www.kvinnohistoriskt.se