Go hiking in our destination and discover why the locals can’t get enough of nature. Here are four suggestions on trails to be enjoyed on foot.

Popular hiking trail which starts near Väven, the cultural centre in Umeå city centre. Discover the caves, climb the mountains and keep an eye open for the mythical Tavelsjö lake monster while you are overlooking the lake! The trail is 42 km long and links to both Vindelälvsleden and Vännforsleden.

Popular Isälvsleden is an approximately 60 km long hiking trail between Vindeln and Åmsele. The trail was formed by the inland ice and runs for long stretches up on Vindelälvsåsen – one of the country´s highest boulder ridges. You´ll find active mud-volcanoes and old fairy-tale pine forests. There are several wind shelters, cabins for overnight stays, and the fishing opportunities are very good.

The trail is close to 100 km long and follows the Öreälven river. The wooded riverside scenery is magnificent, with steep riverbanks and deep ravines. There are several rest areas and cabins for overnight stays. You can also get to the trail from roads along the entire route, which makes it ideal for families.

Lögdeälvsleden and Lödeälvens vildmarksled
Along Öreälvsleden river you can hike for 85 km through two municipalities along the trail that has two names: Lögdeälven (the hiking trail) and Lögdeälvens vildmarksled (the wildlife trail). The trail is suitable for both short and long walks, with plenty of resting places and cabins for overnight stays. Suspension bridges and planked sections tie together this landscape of ravines, meanders and terraces. Do not miss Drakryggen – the most magnificent of the steep riverbanks.