There´s not much that beats our cold and crispy winter days. Here is a selection of enjoyable activities for young and old.

1) Crosscountry skiing in the dark
As the sun is going down, you put on wooden skis and head out into the dark troll forest. The moon is the only light and the sky your roof.

2) Drive your own dog team
Learn how to drive a dog team through the snow-laden forests and fields of the Rickleå river valley.

3) Snowmobile tour
Move throughout the winter wonderland on snowmobiles.

4) Horse-drawn sleigh ride
Travel through a wilderness in the full glory of its winter clothing. Perhaps you will see the northern lights on the way!

5) Aurora Borealis tour
Watch the amazing Aurora Borealis dancing across the sky on this three days long guidad Aurora & dogsleddning adventure.

6) Ice skating: lake Tavelsjön
A 13 km long skating trail on the lake Tavelsjön located about 20 minutes drive from Umeå. Go skating or hiking and stop at one of the eateries along the way.